Sample Syllabi

The links below provide syllabi for potential courses. They include reading lists that can be adapted to Summer courses and other mini-mesters (as some already have) as well as instructions on assignments. 

Notes on Canonical Theorists

Through my coursework and other research, I have taken extensive yet typically incomplete notes on various primary texts and other literature. Often these notes may have been taken with a specific project or goal in mind, so they may reflect my own research goals more than the authors' main points. Nonetheless, I wanted to share these notes, however partial, as they may benefit others. 

Hobbes, Thomas

Marx, Karl

Rosselli, Carlo

Comprehensive Exam Outlines

The following notes amalgamate different thinkers toward specific ends. I created these outlines in preparation for comprehensive exams in Political Theory and International Relations. Importantly, these outlines often built on the work of previous students or term papers I wrote, so they should not be considered my own entirely original work. The prompts included reflect topics and questions from older comprehensive exams.